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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bambino! Volume 14, Chapter 144

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Back on schedule! Less than two volumes left, people!

Thoughts on the chapter beneath the cut, read after you've read.

I'll be honest with y'all and say that to me this is the crappiest chapter in the whole manga. I know it's a fiction convention for people to become friends when you defeat them instead of getting mad salty and all but god damn. The twins are probably on a one-way trip six feet under once this is all said and done and they should know that. It makes absolutely no sense for them to act like they do in this chapter. The sense, there is none of it. These are dudes who were willing to beat the shit out of a rival and spike his cooking to make it inedible just a few chapters ago. Now they're suddenly honorable Maribro and Broigi who gracefully accept defeat. Yeah, no.

Honorable mention goes to Tornatore who tells the bodyguards to gun down everyone and apparently managed to say "Haha dudes I was just joshing you ya?" in between panels because nobody seems to have given a fuck that he was planning on killing them all if he lost.

Yes, yes, I know I'm bitching about realism in a manga where the mafia have cooking battles to decide who gets turf, but still. I'm sorry I had to leave off just before what is, in my opinion, the weakest chapter. Thankfully that's over and done with. I just hope it didn't spoil reading the rest of the manga too much for you readers out there.


  1. hahaa, Tornatore will be disposed silently and dumped somewhere in the Bronx or in the Hudson river ;)

    the whole nyc arc is a bit surrealistic, but heck it's a manga.

    The best thing in this chapter is Bambino's explanation. It made me think of times when I go to a restaurant (intl food) and have friends who complain that it's not authentic like they eat in the original countries. As bambino said, you use what you have here.

    Looks like Bambino's bootcamp is finally done.

  2. oh, but forgot, thx for the chapter! :)

  3. Ty as always good sir

  4. Thanks for the chapter,

    It is indeed a weak chapter, but somehow I can´t stop seeing this NY arc as mere filler for Bambi´s return to the new restaurant. A little of practice cooking meat would have been a nice addition to the character of Coyote, but I guess that the "different cultures can get along" point had more priority.

    I laughed at the mobster´s logic: "You take things from others and make them your own original work by just joining them? Hell, you´re the most sicilian guy ever!"

  5. Sicilian cuisine is exactly like that, though, having a lot of foreign influences and also intensely using what the specific region has to offer. Sometimes you'd find a dozen dishes with, say, eggplant, because the region is known for it, and a few miles further you won't find even one restaurant that has anything containing eggplant at all.

    I agree with the logic and believability of this arc being so-so, but at least it's not just some random superpower they pulled out of their a**es. And at least on my part I suppose that mobster will be dealt with, after he pulled his awesome "KILL EVERYONE!!!" stunt. Just that it didn't happen right then, because Ban would've stopped it by plot and loads of nice guy...

    And thanks a lot for that chapter :)

  6. I was just rereading `The Godfather` by Mario Puzo, and all this mafia arc just feels like watching teletubbies. `Kill them all` my ass.
    Anyway, awesome job, once again, Spore!

  7. The New York arc provides a welcome break from the tokyo setting. So I think of it as a tactic by the author (or the editor prodding the author) to provide a changeup before heading into pushing the next two manga.

  8. I agree, the whole arc has a lot of lighting speed conflict resolving, instant change-of-hearts and so on.
    I see how it's necessary from a storytelling perspective, but yeah. It breaks immersion a lot and it makes it all seem very silly.
    Still, as someone mentioned, the New York arc is a nice break from Tokyo. If you treat it as a not-so-serious spinoff or something, it alright.