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Friday, January 21, 2011

More Pimpin'

I am taking a break from sightseeing and getting fat(ter?) to tell those who may be interested that Shigurui (which I used to work on and regrettably ended up dropping) is finally finished at 15 volumes. I thought it was a pretty decent ending, though I suppose you may or might not agree. Anyway, if you were following the series or thought you might wanna give it a try (in which case the previous volumes from 1 to 11 are on my mediafire), go and take a look at Anonymous Stem's blog!


  1. Hi
    I recently discovered your great blog from someone who commented on Anonygoo's blog and I want to thank you for translating Black Lagoon-Shaitane Badi ,it's very appreciated. Also I was wondering if you would ever consider finishing the translation of Shook Up!! by Hiroe Rei. Someone did the first chapter around a year ago but sadly never continued it. I think Anonygoo's blog has a download for the raws and a link to the first chapter,if you are interested in it as a possible future project. ^___^

  2. Never mind about Shook Up! ,I just checked and apparently a different group just picked it as a new project two weeks ago.What are the chance's XD. Thanks again for working on the Black Lagoon novel.

  3. Holy fucking shit, i remembering emailing you back in the day to see if you'd ever finished this series man. I even sent you an email the moment the story completely cuts short the story of the Marriage of the Muscled Girl with the "mistaken for a dick" clit, which was never really resolved....

    Anway, Good to know it's finally done. Thanks for the heads up.