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Sunday, January 16, 2011


There are, I am aware, some small number of people who come to this blog for Black Lagoon stuff, so I thought I'd plug something you might be interested in. The Book of Venom, Hiroe Rei's Black Lagoon compendium, has been scanned in its entirety. It features guest illustrations and comics from several mangaka including Sekiya Tetsuji, Bambino's mangaka, oh god he is so bad at drawing BL ahahaha, interviews with Hiroe and several others including Toyoguchi Megumi (Revy's voice actress), and various other tidbits. To be completely honest, unless you can read Japanese there's probably not much you'd be interested in, but there is an interview written entirely in very readable English near the end of the book. If you're interested, be sure to drop by Anonygoo's blog and give it a download.

oh yeah and there's the oppai chart, can't miss that, unf unf unf


  1. Oooh, shiny. Cheers.

  2. Too bad the manga is probably going to end up cancelled. No true reason for a hiatus, and I've never heard of a manga WAITING for the anime to catch up to it. The oppai chart would have been great if not for the trap and the fat chick (I don't mention the old nun because they censored her). lol

  3. Oh shit son, downloading this motherfucker like the fist of the north star.

    And Anon, there's never a "real" reason for hiatus since a reason is very rarely given for it. Black Lagoon is successful both manga and anime wise, it's not getting canceled by the higer ups.

  4. Ooh, cool beans. Thanks for putting up this notice.