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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bambino! Volume 4, Chapter 39

I don't feel like cropping a pic today, so here's some Doraemon.

Enjoy, I actually finished this a few hours ago and forgot all about it.

Edit: Whoops, forgot a page. It's nothing big, though. Should be fixed now.


  1. wow, awesome!
    this is the third release of bambino after hiatus right?
    what a speed!
    thanks so much.

  2. Hello~!

    Thank you for this speedy chapter!
    You're truly awesome! :)

    Hm, well, it's my very favorite chapter. *V*
    Chief Shishido is one hell of a COOL guy! I love his ironic wit & intellectual sarcasm!

    And BRAVO! to Asuka-shan who tells it like it is. She's not one weak woman of wimpiness.

    A great bouquet to Ban-kun who dares to jump down from the storey~!! He's a good guy. :D

    Thanks once again.

    La Jazz