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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bambino! Volume 5, Chapter 43

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This pretty much ends the Hayama introduction mini-arc, hope you enjoyed it. Read below after you've finished the chapter.

Was I the only one who found it sort of hilarious that Asuka stayed with Hayama after all the flags she raised with Ban? Just goes to show that manga relationships are so much more about conventions than anything that actual relationships feel strange.


  1. denny ( 27, 2010 at 6:49 AM

    Uh, first comment I think! ^^

    oho... poor Ban-chan. I thought he had a feeling towards Asuka. But, nice conclusion!

  2. LoL~! Your comment is quite so interesting. ;)

    Well, regardless of that surrealism, I think that it could be real possible for Hayama & Asuka to choose to be together, despite all the serious flaws in their relationship.

    Hm, it's my very favorite chapter. It touched me poignantly. And I'm just so happy to see Hayama be alive with life once again, together with Asuka.

    Thanks for your great hardwork~!

    La Jazz

  3. I'm having problems with the mediafire link, anyone got a mirror?

  4. Thank for your hard work!
    I think Asuka is where she belongs, while Ban is a bit of an a*-hole for already being thinking of someone else than his ex. Why does he have to poke his nose in other couples business? For me his ex is still the one who'll end up with him later in the story.

  5. Women can have a good time with a guy without wanting to sleep with, really.

  6. By standing by her boyfriend she definitely seems like a good person. I feel sorry for all the side characters that constantly get NTR'd by the mains.

  7. thanks for the chapter.

  8. I liked your speed at first and i dont mind if you take weeks of for any reason. better for you for not feeling this as a work instead of hobby. slowly but surely is much better than other way around.

    Keep up the good work