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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bambino! Volume 4, Chapter 42

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Sorry for the wait, I got stuck on the mahjong (I never learned how to play it and I winged most if not all of the terms there, so forgive me if it doesn't make sense). This marks the end of volume 4, so look down there for the batch download.


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  1. Awesome, thank you so much. No need to apologise, if you need any help cleaning just give a shout out. I'd be happy to help. =)

  2. Thank you. You're amazing! New chapters are being released so quickly! Yay :>

  3. thanks, so much

    I like how bambi triumphed, and of course he would never lose as katori said.

  4. Hm, it's an enlightening conclusion as well as a very interesting outcome! :)

    Thank you for your amazing diligence!

    Hope your mahjong play will improve much better.

    La Jazz

  5. WoW! thanks for the hard work
    keep it coming hehehhe....

  6. Aww, i always knew that Katori really likes Bambi deep down inside.:P

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  7. Congrats on finishing this volume! Thanks a lot for your hard work!

  8. thanks for the hard work and for this great chapter
    If you want, I can help u cleaning too ^^
    just say it before :D