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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bambino! Volume 5, Chapter 53

The sound effect here is "PFFFFFT" just in case it wasn't clear.

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That's the end of this volume. I got good news and bad news.

Good news is, I'm (tentatively, maybe sorta kinda perhaps and every other weasel term I can think of) back with some free time to spare for fan translation.

Bad news (for you!) is that I'm probably not gonna be spending that time on Bambino. More specifically, I wanna focus on finishing up the volume of Baccano I've been working on for forever and a half months, and after that, maybe (if I'm lucky and get someone awesomely skilled [hint hint] to merge that blasted spread for me) the Black Lagoon novel by Urobuchi Gen which I feel was pretty good and worth giving a shot.

So, yeah. Them's the breaks. Enjoy the chapter.

I'm not dropping Bambino, just to make things clear. Though if anyone wants to take it on they're free to do so without needing my permission (seriously, asking scanlators for permission is just silly).

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  1. Kind of a let down since Bambino was your only project I was following but hey, you're the one who's wasting your time doing this and you can do whatever the hell you want.

  2. >Bad news (for you!)
    >I wanna focus on finishing up the volume of Baccano
    ... these are good news for me. I love Bambino and all, but I'd rather see this volume over.

    I love you, dude.

  3. thank you very much for the scans

  4. Thanks for your work, dude.
    I hope someone else pick Bambino up someday...

  5. Why are you hating on Bambino?? We love that series around here! Well, as long as your still translating I guess.

    I'm sure no one will pick this series up so please don't forget Bambino when you're finished with all those other ones.

    Thanks for your hard work until now and I'll be back when Bambino starts up again :)

  6. Thanks for your hard work! I don't mind at all, but that's because I like Baccano more than Bambino (which I of course love plenty).

  7. No worries, it's alrite. I sure appreciate all of your great hardwork! ;)

    Oh, yeah. Thanks so much for that last chapter of Bambino! v5.

    All the best in your endeavors.

    La Jazz

  8. Thanks for all the Bambino thus far, and for not leaving us stuck at some ultimate cliffhanger.

  9. How sad. I really enjoyed reading your work with Bambino.

  10. If I had only paid attention on those Japanese classes...

  11. thanks for the ride!

    the world trusts and is thankful for your actions.

    random observation:
    engage/act in present reality = happy
    relinquish reality = sad

  12. "Forza, ragazzi! Cominciamo a lavorare!"

    If you need a hand, I'm here. I can do (or make? Dunno) the typesetting. I'm very experienced with it.
    I'm the italian guy who helps you for the italian terms ^^

  13. P.S. Of course, let me know what do you think.

  14. I am extremely excited that you're going to focus on Baccano! for a while, as much as I like Bambino.
    You are a hero, good sir.

  15. Where can we download the bambino raws? I want to give it a shot although my Japanese is not too amazing.

  16. My knowledge of Italian is entirely nonexistent. Seriously, you could call me a motherless bilge rat in Italian and I'd smile nervously as long as you were smiling too.

    I got my raws from Hox; I suppose you could find them on his mediafire or on Japanese P2Ps.

  17. Can you give a link to his mediafire? I haven't used Japanese P2Ps in a while ever since I stopped grabbing raw anime from there. Thanks.

  18. Edit: I found Hox's mediafire, or at least I think that's his mediafire account, but there are no raw Bambino chapters there that I can find. The usual torrent sites also had no results for them. Guess we'll just have to wait until you get more time to work on this project.

  19. @Anonymous:

    Here,1 is where there are Bambino's volume from 1 to 6. Volumes named as [バンビーノ! 第XX巻.zip]

    Here there are the volumes from 1 to 15.

  20. Thanks sensei 12, I'll download them once I get home and see how it goes.

  21. not to be pushy or anything, but will you ever be picking up bambino again? i really miss it!!