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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bambino! Volume 5, Chapter 50

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Whew. Well now.  Hmm.

Ban learns that having a fiery temper isn't always a good thing, despite what manga may tell you.  ヽ( ・∀・)ノ


  1. Obligatory thanks #2.
    Two Bambino chapters at once really made my day.
    Seriously, after getting home from a long night at work, I can really use the brain candy.

  2. whow, really fast
    thanks a lot for those chapters ^^

  3. how many chaps in vol5 ?

  4. thx as always

    ban's actually irritating right now lol

  5. Sigh, poor Bambi. He still has a very, very LONG way to go.

    Whew. I'm really so very GLAD to see my favorite guy, Yonamine speaking up kindly for him. Though I concurred with Miyuki-chan's tough pragmatism, concerning some serious mistakes that Ban-kun had made, I just couldn't help empathizing with him. After all, he's a young Bambi, still learning lots of new things and needing some time to get used to such a tough, stressful pace of the Italian restaurant.

    I hope to see Ban-kun gaining some milestones of great success. :)

    Thank you for those 2 wonderful chapters!

    La Jazz

  6. Thanks for scanlating Bambino.

    Do you know Yakitate!! Japan? It's a bread-baking manga. It's been scanlated/stalled/dropped many times, but at vol 26 ch 233, it's only 8 chapters away from completion. It's a shame that no one completes it right now. I'd love to finish it, but I don't know Japanese. If you can help with the transcript, I can do the editing, cleaning and QC. How about that?

  7. I love this manga, been looking for the scanlations of this one (the kanjis here are too difficult hehe).. Thanks for the wonderful and accurate translations!

  8. Thank you so much!!! I am reading the whole serie and I have to say it´s awesome!!!

  9. wow i need more and more, such a good manga, thanks for scanlating it

  10. I have to say, your translation is mind-blowingly good in all aspects, for what is, essentially, just a hobby for you. I mean, seriously, I hope your professional job pays you well for your obvious talent. Thanks for your hard work on 50!!! chapters translated already :-)