Baccano! 1934 Alice in Jails - Streets Episode - Chapter 1, Part 2 of 3 (10/29)
Gonensei Chapter 1 (10/37)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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This is what Kio Shimoku did before Genshiken.

Most of you may only be familiar with Kio's work through Genshiken, and so are probably more used to his stories being whimsical and comical with brief snippets of seriousness. Truth be told, before he did Genshiken, Kio was known more for his interest in more raw material that had to do with the painful mistakes people make in youth and in relationships. You'll see it more in Gonensei but it's very much present here as well; it appears in Kagerou Nikki and Jigopri as well. Hell, it's even present to a degree in Genshiken as well.

So that's enough for background.

Yonensei is a story about a couple in their fourth year of college, Shima Akio and Soma Yoshino. It goes over the troubles they face in their relationship as they approach graduation. I hope you enjoy it it, and of course sorry for the delay (this should have been out almost a year ago to be honest).

As for the sequel, I will be doing it, but my raws are missing pages so I may not work on it as fast as I'd like. We'll see. Worst comes to worst I'll buy and scan the missing pages myself. I'm currently on the fence as to how I'm going to release it; I'm leaning toward a chapter schedule to make it easier on myself instead of the volume release I went for with this one, as the sequel is five volumes long. I guess I'll sort that out later.

Again, hope you enjoy the story.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spotted Flower 8

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That was the best chapter.

So about Genshiken

You might have noticed that all the posts on this blog that previously hosted Genshiken chapters are gone, and so are the mediafire links to them. I was not the one who took them down. You might see where this is headed.

Long story short, Kodansha USA isn't exactly thrilled at my illegal pursuits and so I'm counting myself lucky that I even still have a blog at this point. Soooo, you won't be seeing any more translated Genshiken on this blog. Sorry.

Thankfully Kodansha's own licensed translation is apparently pretty good, so if you live in the US go out and buy it! Support Genshiken and all that jazz.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Baccano! 1934 Alice in Jails - Streets Episode - Chapter 1 (1/3)

I blame the Poet for everything

Alice in Jails - Prison Episode

Alice in Jails - Streets Episode
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