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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bambino! Volume 8, Chapter 87

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Phew, volume 8 over.

Bambino's gonna be on break until I finish Shaitane Badi, which should hopefully be by this weekend. Then it'll be business as usual with volume 9 of Bambino and book 6 of Baccano.

I think that's about it?

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  1. Many thanks for your work translating Shaitane Badi.It is greatly appreciated. Are you planning on translating the second Black Lagoon novel when it come's out? It would be awesome if you do. ^___^

  2. It's already out, and I'm definitely buying it the next time I order a batch of stuff from Japan. I'll decide on whether to translate it after I read it, depending on what I think of it. But since it has Eda and Rotton and Shenhua and Sawyer in it, I don't see how I could possibly not like it.

  3. Oh I didn't know it was already released,thanks for letting me know. Really looking forward to hearing what you think of it and hopefully a translation sometime in the future. O__O

  4. You scarred me SOOO BAD when I didn`t see Bambino up there under black lagoon...i`d thought you eloped with DJ !


    Ok, have a nice break, but do come back with full strenght! The ending of 87 was soo...

    Btw, are light novels that good ? I skiped thru one but... I mean I realize it`s a Beeing adicted to anime is one thig, beeing addicted to manga is worse....beeing addicted to light novels..
    (addiction meaning you can`t stop in the middle and don`t have the compeling urdge to read/watch on ).
    You can watch all the good anime in 3 years, you can read all the good manga in 20 years, you can read all the good light novels in ... 70 years. There just aint enough years for all of the, not if you want sleep or other activities such as ...toilet breakes.

    Anyway, good job as allways.
    Live ON !

  5. Another volume down....excellent work my lord.

  6. I'm really excited for book six of Baccano! The Slash happens to be the one I want to read the most. Take care!