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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Status Report

Don't really expect anything from me for a while. I'm a bit too worried to really concentrate on anything at the moment.


  1. Okay. Real life comes first after all.

  2. I fully understand. Take whatever time you need.

    I hope that all your worries are eased.

  3. Take care Anonymous Spore!

  4. Please take care!

  5. People in Japan are sharing instead of pillaging.
    That compassion during a tough time is inviting love and blessings, instead of despair.
    That Compassion and Cultural value- our generations are meant to learn from and become.

    Sending love and compassion makes a world of difference, and we can all do it.
    The more lives being affected, the more one acts without restlessness brooding or sloth.

    Remember all that we are grateful for.
    Our hearts and mind as one, we send loving kindness and compassion in all directions.
    Be open to creative possibilities to balancing the worlds problems.. "Pollution is an unused resource".

  6. Don't worry. Take care of yourself, your family, your friends.
    Scans are a hobby, not a full-time job.

  7. real life should always take first priority... just take care of everything first man... take all the time you need...

  8. I knew it, I knew he would do this to me. Hooked and baited me in like a Crack Master on the corner of 15th and Main. I'm all skin and bones, I can't go cold turkey. Now I'm twitching and itching, guess I'm gonna have to resort to drawing my own endings again.

  9. isnt that a bit of a selfish comment? ^
    Even though you're joking, right?

  10. ^ like they say, haters will hate.
    guess some people just need to show the world how annoying they can be. of course, this is assuming that he/she wasn't joking on that comment. :P

    anyway, seeing the status up there, i guess we can expecting something come up in the near future... :D