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Friday, April 8, 2011

Bambino! Volume 10, Chapter 103

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Sorry this took so long, but my schedule is clear and I have no more deadlines to meet for the foreseeable future (read: next four days or so) so the next one shouldn't take quite as long in coming. Enjoy.


  1. wine+ two persons away from their love and that's what you get.

  2. She clearly fell because she's so drunk. XD

  3. Dammit Bambino is jumping on the "Twilight" bandwagon. Ban is a vampire now, see how he's trying to suck her blood?!! I betcha the daughter is a werewolf waiting to rip him a new one once he tries to molest her.

    You had me at "Yeah, me too. But you know I'm really wired. What do you say I... take you home and eat your pussy"

  4. WTF ! O___O

    I still can't believe what i read in this chapter... 0_____0

  5. Please don't apologize, the master does not need to prostrate himself before the servant.

    ( and who the heck apologizes for taking only 4 days to translate a chapter?? )
    Fun episode too :-)

  6. yeah dammit, don't apologise you don't owe us lot nothing! but anyway ty for chapter :)