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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bambino! Volume 11, Chapter 111

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Katori's waifu is so faithful. :3

Oh, and kudos to Anon M for going to the trouble of merging these double page spreads for me.


  1. He's undercover, didn't you see all that love he gave to Ban with that knee to the groin? He likes it rough and hard. If that wasn't true gay love I don't know what is. First Ban loses the prune love, then the fatty love, and now he's gonna be separated from his dominatrix. Such a sad story.

    You had me at "If Senzo Tanaka is his shidoshi, then show us the Dim Mak...Death touch!"

  2. Thanks as always~
    On the first page it's supposed to be "In a one-horse open sleigh" instead of "house".
    And very nice job polishing the two page spread, looks much cleaner. ^__^

  3. @AnonM
    That's Sekiya's fault, not mine. I gave them a brief glance and passed them over because they looked alright, but I guess not. Ah well, it's not important. Chalk it up to the Japanese being terrible at English.

  4. Oh I didn't realize it was written in English in the Japanese version haha ,yeah it's fine then.

  5. Thanks for the release. Enjoy your trip to Japan.