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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bambino! Volume 12, Chapter 121

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I mentioned this before but since the bridge to be burned is now actually in sight I feel compelled to tell you all: I do not have workable raws for volume 13, so if they don't magically appear by the end of this volume Bambino will be going on indefinite hiatus. The alternative to the magical scan appearance thing would be the equally magical and equally sudden (and equally unlikely) appearance of an editor who would be able and willing to put in the time and effort required to make the raws look presentable (by my standards, which are either high or low depending on how one looks at them), which would entail a lot of work per chapter.

That of course doesn't solve the problem of volume 15's raws being even worse.

But yeah. Just throwing that out there. For now, enjoy the chapter.

Edit: Yes I do have the raws that are posted on rawscans/rawmanga/rawwhateversiteyouprobablywillinkme. I'm sorry if this comes off as terse but I've been sent the links for the same sites about a dozen times. Take a look at the quality of those things. I'm not the best editor, so scans like this (text removed to avoid spoiling y'all, but otherwise untouched) would take me far too much time and effort to make them look decent. Them's the breaks.

Take care of. Bambino will be continuing to conclusion without hiatus.


  1. I found a website that host raw manga i hope this is helpful.

  2. get someone to scan the books for you, shouldn't be too hard

  3. I'll give editing chapter 1 of volume 13 a try and if it's up to your standards then I can probably do more.

    I'll send you an email when I finish.

  4. That dish looks goooood.