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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bambino! Volume 12, Chapter 125

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The English in Bambino is, by and large, surprisingly readable, but holy shit this song is not. I made up the lyrics you will read pretty much entirely from the whole cloth, based on an amalgam of the original English, the Japanese transcript that was included, and plot elements from later chapters. So don't expect it to actually read like a song, though I tried.



  1. thank u so much for the release

  2. Thank you very much for the scans

  3. great work! i wouldn't worry too much about the ancillary stuff like lyrics to a song. you do such great work on all the scans it's unbelievable! please keep it up. it must be hard being a one man scanlator...

    P.S. i know in an earlier post in the blog you were talking about terrible raws for volumes 13 and 15. i don't know if you'd consider doing some sort of donation and actually go out and buy those volumes, scan them, trans, ??? and profit (from the adoration of your readers). i know i'd plop down and help to buy these volumes if it gets you easier raws.

  4. @Anon4: Normally I wouldn't, but the Carne Tutta Nervi miniarc has a lot to do with that song, so I had to think about it a little.

    About the raws, I'm 90% sure (won't say 100% until I have them on my hard drive) that I have good raws for 13-15 coming down the pipeline, so your wallet can stay where it is for the moment. Glad you're enjoying the series.

  5. well, i'm glad you have the right raws for those chapters. but never be afraid to ask your fanbase for some help! love the stuff man, keep it up!