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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bambino! Volume 12, Chapter 129

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A short interlude before the SUPER MAFIA COOKING arc starts in earnest. Ahaha.



  1. If you think about it, up until now Bambino has really been about cooking good food in a professional environment up until now. And it has been awesome, nerv-wracking and dramatic.

    If "regular" is this cool, how fucking intense will "super mafia" be? I can't wait. Awesome work as always.

  2. Ugh, should've proofread that. Up until now the untils have been up but that's over with up until now. Now, until up is down is until up.

  3. @Runeazn: Uhh... A rape flower. You know, a flower that blooms from rapeseed. What did you expect?

  4. Yes! I am ready for super mafia cooking! Bambino, can you hack it?? Perhaps it will be Bambi's turn to cut and run after a horrible service. They can't reach him in Japan, can they?