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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bambino! Volume 7, Chapter 73

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Man, wouldn't it be cruel of me to stop scanlating right here, for something like a month or so? Ho ho ho~



  1. That would be one of the cruelest joke...sigh

  2. that would be cruel :_(
    but thanks for the bambino :
    made my day

  3. Another excellent release!

    It would be cruel but I hope you don't burn out from overworking and lose your interests in scanlating.


  4. Like Peter said: don't overwork yourself; but if you don't feel overworked: please noooooooooooo...

    And thank you!

  5. Thanks, and please don't stop! D:

  6. ...It was more a joke about how this chapter cuts off right before the contest, not about me burning out, guys. Take it easy, I'm not going anywhere.


  7. How do you even manage a daily Output?

    Are all the Chapters pre-Cleaned / pre-Translated?

  8. Made me laugh :)
    Thanks for the release

  9. Thanks for release!

    Please, don't stop work at least until the arc is finished!

  10. don't stop, i really like bambino right now...and thank you for the release

  11. Nice chapter. Thanks for the release!

  12. @Someone: I am far too impatient to even consider holding chapters back and not releasing them. I would release page-by-page if I thought it was feasible. Even if I had chapters completed in advance, I would have dumped them all at once instead of rationing them out day by day.

    Translating a chapter of something like Bambino would take me perhaps 10 to 20 minutes; the rest of the couple hours that goes into a chapter is entirely editing. Depending on whether or not there's hard editing (completely subjective) in the chapter, it may take longer. Thankfully the double page spreads for this volume have been merged perfectly in advance, so I don't need to redraw those like I did for some previous volumes.

    tl;dr No, all I have at any given time are raws and completed scanlations. I edit the former and release the latter on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

  13. Spore, i´ve been trying to coment here for at least the 10 latest releases but for some reason it never gets posted.
    I just wanted to say that i´ve read your releases for a very long time and that i´m trully thankfull for your work.
    You´re great man! keep the good work!!!

  14. if you did that, I'll just draw me a bunch of Bambino! chapters and pretend its the real thing. That way I can make up my own chapters and ending, oh what fun!!! *Please don't, I don't wanna dip into the crazy*

  15. thanks for your work!

  16. I meant pre-Translation OR pre-Cleaned.

    Not both at the same time.

    But thanks for answering my Question.

    Are you a native speaker? If not how did you aquire your Japanese?

  17. @Someone: I was just replying to both, since I do all the work on everything anyway.

    And yes, I'm native. English is my second language.

  18. First and foremost, Thank you Spore, for the great and noble sacrifice that you did in order to save the rest of us from the gruesome torture of impatience and wondering what`s next.
    The Universe shall sing a song in your honor for this!
    You shall not be forgotten!

    On a totally non related topic, I know that on a daily release program a rantz page would be pointless, but once in a while, i think it does good, connecting the translator to it`s viewers, too se that Spore is human at the core,ignoring the fact that he does a daily release witch only rivals with robots. Or make a motto in the rantz "I`m human and I can do it, so demand the same standard from the other ongoing manga translators." . Joke :)

    And on 1 April, you could do a more special release, given the day. Just saing.

    Btw, does anyone else think that the head chef looks and acts more like a pirate than a chef ?

    My 2,4 cents.

    Have a nice day!

  19. I never got the point of rant pages. I highly doubt anyone is interested in what I had to eat for dinner yesterday, or the particulars of my work, or that one time when Uncle Mansuke crashed straight into a telephone pole because he dozed off while driving but walked away without a scratch. The translator should do his best to be invisible, and a rants page (and credits pages, and watermarks, and so on and so forth, but that's besides the point) kinda goes against that--not to mention that 50% of the time, pretty much nobody would understand or care about what I was talking about unless they were also scanlators. If I had anything I really wanted to talk about, I'd just post it here, anyway. There's a rambling tag for a reason.

    April 1... Eh. We'll see.

    And yes, Chef Tekkan doesn't really act like a chef at all.