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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bambino! Volume 7, Chapter 75

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Hum drum dee dum, one more chapter left in the volume~


  1. Fuck now I need the next chapter, I can't wait to find out what it taste like, or actualy, what it is in the first place.
    >Next chapter plz

  2. LOL so true ^
    I really don't want Ban to win this haha

  3. This feels like a pirate of the carrabian movie, the movie ends without ending and gives you the feeling that it`s comercial time and the next part will roll on screen.

    ( I think I would have liked the chocolate antipasto from earlier ).

    But this cliffhanger is really...

    Spore, thank you once again for the speedy release.

    Spoiler from the current chapter 75 : I think Ban will be praised for the homemade red pasta he created ( we did see him wheaving it in previous ch ).

    End of spoiler.

    I think the blue pasta would have been interesting, if it had a good taste!

    And I am uterlly dissapointed in the fact that there are no deserts competition! The desert is the most important dish, for it is the final taste the costumer will have in his mouth and will take home the memory of it!
    Now i`ll go to sleep.

    Have a nice day people!

  4. OMG LOVE THE SPEED SPORE <3. Awesome manga right a drug...

  5. ^not all people eat desert after their dinner at a restaurant though, and they never show deserts in this manga from what I have seen.

  6. I wonder if women are satisfied with you in bed. I mean if you are this fast with keeping us reader's satisfied, I wonder how fast you are with the women.

  7. Yeah, about desserts...

    Well, you'll see.

    @Anon4: I am not touching that comment with a ten foot pole.

  8. God bless you for the speed scans !!!

  9. Thanks for your continual supply of Bambino.

  10. Another thanks for your criminally insane speed-work!

  11. Katori, such a tsundere! I wonder if it's red wine pasta... mmm. Gorgeous stuff. Thank you so much for all the releases!

  12. o man, thank you very much for the new chapters

  13. You're unbelievable <3

  14. AHHHHH~ Thanks for the speedy release but the cliffhanger is evil.

  15. Amazing speed! Like a clock!

    I also get the sinking feeling Bambi won't win this one but will get praised for his out-of-the-box thinking to tackle the dish at the pasta-making stage and will be brought back to the cucina.

    I think the end of the Nogami arc shows that Bam has learned all he needs to learn from the salsa.

    But Hayama is coming out last so he may steal the show yet.

  16. I say this man deserves legendary status for his work on this series.