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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bambino! Volume 8, Chapter 83

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Couldn't let Genshiken hold up this schedule, now could we?

Coincidentally, this chapter marks the halfway point of the first series of Bambino. Yes, finally. Though if I don't get decent raws for volumes 12 and beyond I'll probably have to stop after 11.

But we'll burn that bridge when we get there. Enjoy.


  1. Hello there and thanks again for your continued effort with this gemstone.

    If someone was to get yourself these books, would you be able to scan them yourself??

  2. Thanks a lot! Great work as usual.
    You're on fire with releases ;).

  3. Oh no! Will you please post if you're having difficulties finding good raws? Someone might be able to help!

    Thanks for the release. Really loving this arc. Dolce~

  4. Please keep going! I absolutely love this series, thanks for another release!

  5. @Anon1: Yes, and I do own the books in hard copy, but I would rather not go that route if at all possible. Quite honestly, I don't really have the time or the motivation to learn how to dismantle and scan manga. People who scan are a pretty tough bunch.

    @Anon2: Err, yes, that is, more or less, exactly what I did here.

  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    And please... don't stop translating Bambino!
    What I really like is the translation, your translation. I care about the plot, the Ban's evolution through his hard work at Baccanale.

    In my opinion, translation is 95% of a scanlation project, the other 5% is about cleaning, levelling and that kind of damn stuff.
    Please, keep on doing Bambino!.

  7. @Spore (from anon2). Sorry, I was hinting at letting potential scanners out there know when you're closer to vol 12. Not sure how willing I am to purchase/scan right now, since I’m not even sure of the prices/availability in my local stores, but I'm great with handling books incl. debinding manga+scanning (but shit with any editing + would leave all the rotating, cropping, etc. up to the next person). Could probably go from nothing to bought+scanned in 48h w/no RL issues along the way. If it develops into a desperate situation, I would be willing to provide at least one volume of scans and there might be others like me out there, so an announcement would be really great since... well... I'm lazy in checking comments after I post unless it’s my group/terribly involved. XD