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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bambino! Volume 7, Chapter 76 + Volume 8, Chapter 77

Chapter 76 Download
Chapter 77 Download

Double Jeopardy!

I made a mistake in the reading of Kozue and Hiramatsu's dishes which proves to me I should eat more Italian. The dishes both ended with "marine style" which I took erroneously to mean "marinated" when in fact there seems to be a style of Italian cuisine called "a la marine." This has been fixed in the batch download for the volume as well as in chapter 74. Online manga sites are, obviously, outside of my jurisdiction. In atonement I shall go out and have Italian for dinner.

Volume 7 Download


  1. a double release yay!

  2. thanks

    next time hoping for a triple release ww

  3. Thanks a lot for the double release.

    But then again, Bambi is screwed. No surprises there.

  4. Like I did for some chapters ago, you can use me for the italian terms you don't know ;)

    Thanks for the 7th.

  5. Another volume already?
    You are THE man.

  6. @sensei12: It wouldn't really have helped in this case; the description was written in Japanese, and I just misinterpreted was マリネ風 meant. Thanks for the offer, though.

  7. Volume 8 is starting! Thks a lot man!

  8. Thanks for the hard work and "Buon appetito".

  9. You're a BEAST! THANK YOU :D
    These releases have really made my day lately (had a tough week full of work)
    So really most sincere thanks!