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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bambino! Volume 2, Chapter 14

Chef Shishido's memory is flawless, and he is without mercy.

Editing this chapter was an exercise in hilarity. And by hilarity I mean heart-rending sadness. Delicious redrawing, nomnom.

Hope you enjoy.


  1. WOW thxs for the blazing fast chapter!!!! ^^
    this series is very good.Hope to see more of your work spore :D!!!!..

  2. I'm still overwhelmingly amazed at how fast you churn out chapters!

    Nonetheless... Am most definitely thankful!


  3. I love you.

    No homo.

  4. Amazing work on this series!

  5. Thank you very much!

  6. Wow!! So beautifully crafted with creativity.

    I feel like crying sympathetically at the boy that's had been enduring bravely all such bitchy harshness. Hm... after all, it's the reality of the tough & competitive world.

    Ban Shogo is truly admirable with a warrior's spirit, holding onto his most passionate dream tightly. This way, it's kept alive constantly day & night.

    I hope that he will be a GREAT chef~!! :D

    Thank you for your diligent effort.

    La Jazz

  7. This series has been a little gem to my rather stressful week, and it's only Wednesday. I'm glad I found it. Thanks for the hard work!