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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bambino! Volume 3, Chapter 24

That's right, as of this chapter Bambino! turns into a battle manga!

This wraps up the Fukuoka mini-arc. I'm sure some of you are already missing Baccanale. Stay tuned for next chapter, and a shocking tweest!



  1. twice in a day!? YOu are a freaking God!

  2. ...Is it just me or didn't Eri and the main guy break up in last chapter?

    Btw...I acknowledge your statement from before: Eri is totally wasted on this shithead!

    Not to mention I wanna slap him right now for being this impulsive not to can it all go up for him? Oh, yea it's a manga cuz real life is a bitch XD

    Again, thanks for the chapter~

  3. Woooah, wait up.

    I did hate how he acted on impulse also, but it would suck having no one to at least try to hold him down here and there.

    Looking foward to some more chapters of Bambino!. Such a great series.

    *If you want to continue Riman Gambler Mouse when Bambino! runs out of raws, no one is stopping you.

    Thanks for the releases.

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  5. @T1: They broke up. Read it over again.

    @aUsCkEs: I've never done Riman Gambler Mouse. I think you're confusing me with someone else.

    @The anon whose comment I deleted: Please don't put up spoilers on the blog, thank you. You coulda emailed me if you were that curious. And for what it's worth, yes.

    Thanks for reading.

  6. Actually, Spore, when I mentioned to "continue" the series Riman Gambler Mouse, I was trying to suggest that you picked up the series where it left off from the other scanlation group.

  7. Wow. What a fantastic chapter! :)

    Well, my favorite line is Ban Shogo's affectionate statement: "I missed ya, Trattoria Baccanale!" I kinda related with that instantly. *amused LoL*

    Now he finally started a new life, what with the symbolic representation of his scrapped Honda car. It's like a bittersweet parting of Ban & his beloved, Eri.

    Hm... well, I can hardly fault Ban for his impulsiveness, though he should think first a bit more prudently. Nevertheless, it's part of his endearing personality. So I don't think that I'd slap him roughly.
    Again, even if they discussed it first before deciding anything, they'd part all the same because of their earnest hope of their future not in perfect tandem.
    As well, it's obvious that Sekiya-sensei wanted this to end dramatically at this point of Fukuoka mini-arc.

    Thank you for doing this series wonderfully. :)

    La Jazz