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Friday, March 26, 2010

Bambino! Volume 4, Chapter 32

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Starting off volume 4, with Ban getting a bad case of cold feet that silly boy starting to realize that being a waiter isn't just about taking orders and carrying plates. Enjoy.


  1. u are awesome man!!!, keep it up !

  2. :D thanks for the chapter, you rockk

  3. Good morning, Spore! :)

    Well, hm. I'm quite curious to see what kind of guests he'll be seeing to.
    I think that it's really so incredible to see Bambino handling all kinds of guests that'd want very much to come to see him specially.
    So I look forward very much to see various tasks that Ban-kun will be learning. It's like studying the foundational course of how a running restaurant is like.

    Oooh~! I'm so very excited to see what Nogami-sama is up to. Can't wait to see next chapter!

    Thanks for this first new chapter of v4.

    La Jazz

  4. You just continually feed my addiction. Thanks!

  5. loving this shit.

  6. HE HAS A FAN! Too bad shes old :P