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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bambino! Volume 4, Chapter 34

You'll be saying it too.

 The mini-arc that starts here was pretty hilarious to me. You'll understand when you finish it. Enjoy.


  1. i cant wait for next ch

  2. Whoa! Nogami-sama is powerfully harsh, coming so hard on Bambino. In her eyes, service of excellence is paramount to any business. No wonder, she's one top-notch buyer of fashion brands.

    Hmm... I'm quite excited to see what next adventure will be beckoning Ban-kun. As well, I'm fairly curious to see what Asuka-shan will be doing, to agree to Bambi's request.

    Thank you.

    La Jazz

  3. now ban is going to get the hang of this like he started to in the kitchen.

    thanks for the fast releases

  4. "Are you free next saturday"
    "............... What?" *HE'S ASKING ME ON A DATE?!"