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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bambino! Volume 2, Chapter 18

She's too good for Ban. ;_;

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Mmmm. Next chapter's gonna be a pain. Grumph. As an aside, I'm reasonably certain that the war Tekkan refers to is the war in Iraq (Bambino began serialization in 2005).

We'll see how things go. I might take a short break. But that's a matter for tomorrow. We'll see.



  1. Here, that's my last post.

    Whew. It's a good thing that Ban Shogo heeded the wise Chef Shishido's advice. If not so, his education will certainly go to waste for nothing. As well, his parents & Eri wouldn't be happy, causing some needless negative effect. Plus, he's only just young, starting a new phase of adult life. Indeed, he's the true bambi.

    It's quite enjoyable to read about his philosophy of life. Sorta Ban-kun's mentor. ;)

    Thank you and have a happy weekend!

    La Jazz

  2. She kinda looks like the titty monster there.