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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bambino! Volume 2, Chapter 17

 That aura... ( ´ Д`)

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Waugh. Only 3 more chapters to go with this volume. Then I can go back to lazy arse editing instead of spending something like ten minutes per page. Mmm. Enjoy.


  1. Oh wow. And I'd just commented on your post for ch.17. lol
    Thanks for this chapter!

  2. Guys, you're simply awesome. Thank you really much!

  3. thanks for the fast releases:)

  4. So you mean the scanner for vol3 did a good job? Tant mieux!

  5. Hm... Ban Shogo is assertive in showing that this is his place. Pretty cool. After all, it's a matter of survival.

    LoL! Chef Shishido is sure SCARY. He seriously won't allow them to weasel their way out of the bet game. *heh*

    Well, ok. Thanks once again.

    La Jazz