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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bambino! Volume 3, Chapter 25

So surprised his sweat is flowing upwards!

All right, another chapter. The aforementioned tweest is here. Enjoy.


  1. You're like the flash.

    ... well, not as nerfed, but still.

  2. Pttf! What a twist of unexpected event!

    It's the very best chapter ever that I enjoyed reading. Perhaps it's my most favorite one.

    I just love Ban-kun's comical reaction and ending statement: "I didn't go through all that shit just to cut some damn bread!"
    Still, I can't help but to muse lightly that he's truly the young bambi.

    As well, I find the cool Chef Shishido's threat awesome with such a fierce aura radiating. Ban immediately obeyed like a meek lamb. ;)

    Thanks for your diligent effort. *hug*

    La Jazz

  3. oh man he is waiter now awesome

  4. Thanks for the chapter!!!