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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bambino! Volume 4, Chapter 36

Heated wine, oh god do want

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Note: I take no responsibility for Asuka's Latin; I'm fairly sure that hospes means something quite different but hey, I'm not the mangaka. Chalk it up to her being drunk, eh?

Next chapter's probably gonna be a while. Ugh, editing. Enjoy!


  1. i have problems downloading -.- could you be so nice to reupload the chapter

  2. OT -
    heated wine is quite common in Europe :)
    Personally, I make it when the wine tastes like crap, but I guess you could do it with good ones too.
    Just toss in a cinnamon, a few cloves, maybe a badian, add sugar if you like it sweet and bring to a boil.
    Squeeze in a lemon (alternatively you could boil it with the lemon inside, if you happen to have one that is nontoxic) and there you have your delicious hot wine. Very nice thing to have in winter (or if the wine originally tasted like crap)

  3. @Anonymous
    Done. Should work now, sorry about that.

    @Dorota: Sounds great, I wish I had the chance to try it out. But alas.

  4. will bambi score tonight ^^?

  5. LoL~! I so love Signora Anita's sassy encouragement to Bambi: "Good luck!". *haha*
    What a cool lady of elegance!
    Heh, Ban-kun sweatdropped in response.
    Hm, hey. It's my favorite panel.

    Hot wine kinda reminds me of hot/warm sake that's my favorite. I miss it much. ;)
    One of these days, I shall try hot wine out, knowing excitedly that it's completely different from hot sake. It's like West's flavors in stark contrast with East's flavors.

    Thanks alot for your hardwork.

    La Jazz

  6. great ch thanks for ur hardwork

  7. Dat wine.... I could stare at the food in this manga for hours.

  8. Omg I'am addicted to this manga, can't wait for more keep up the good work ;)

  9. i m too addicted to this manga really please release more ch keep them coming u guys r awesome

  10. man when will u release next ch u hav spoiled us we want bambino dose